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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 4, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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hell. i want him to tael take him out of here. likeulara ingraham? yeah, she's a talk slut. >> sean: could the conservatives survive that? no. they would be fired. >> sean: thanks for being with us. >> greta: tonight, if you think last night was a clunker for president obama, it could be getting worse. in just hour, the latest jobs report is coming out. democrats are holding their breath, terrified that the numbers could be a second political stink bomb in 36 hours. meanwhile, twitter, facebook and the airwaves are still on fir tonight about the debate last night. >> obama came off even worse in his debate with romney last night than he did in his debate with clint eastwood. >> by the time michelle gets finished with him last night and this morning... [chuckles] -- you can get your life, obama is not going to sleep at the
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wheel again. >> you had no record to run on, it's very difficult for the incumbent to come out and combat with governor romney. mitt romney hit a knockout last night. >> what the people saw last night was the real mitt romney, contrast that with a president that seemed -- not seem audio that was uninformed, detached and demonstrated that he had been lazy and disengaged. >> he is president of the states. just what the hell does he have to prep? what the hell is going on that he doesn't know about? that he has to cram and learn? >> everything that came across in the debate left us with this ending, that the person who looked most presidential, most informed on the economy and the strongest coming out of last night was mitt romney, not our very own president. >> he was distracted. he was not -- he was umm -- as you point out, and looking down, i think as the onion gets peeled
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on thrk we will find that something happened in his presidential or personal life that distracted him. >> he will take a hard look at it. we are going to have to make some judgments as to where to draw the line and use our time. you evaluate after every contest and make a judgment. i am sure that we will make adjustments. >> obama arrived in denver at 2:00 p.m. today. just a few hours before the debate started. recommendny did his debate prep in denver. when guto 5,000 feet -- >> exactly. >> and you only have a few hours to adjust -- >> that's interesting. >> i don't know. >> he didn't lose because he didn't show up. he didn't lose because he didn't use the 47%. he didn't lose because of the altitude, like al gore's saying. he didn't lose because he didn't prep. he lost because his ideas don't cut it.
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there is nothing they could have done. not a thing. and they even now still do not what hit them last night. >> greta: as you might imagine, republicans are cautiously licking their chops, hoping after one debate that governor romney has reset his race. has he? dick morris, author of "here comes the black helicopter," here. >> good to be in richmond, where i am out campaigning. >> greta: you are campaigning. 67 million people watched last night's show. i suppose what really matters most of of all, how many were undecide last night and how many were on the fence and could be pushed? and what would be the result what have they saw last night or they are waiting for another debate or two? your thoughts? >> i think this debate was worth about 4 or 5 boints to rom nerks nationally. equivalent to each of the swing states. now the polling thatvy discussed in the past, very biased nfavor of the democratic party.
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i went to ohio, michigan and florida and john mclaughlin helped me. in the last state, there was one more democrat than republican that voted in the exit polls, but the 13 polls in those states have a combined bias of 8 points per democrat. so they're 5 or 6 too much per obottom a. so i believe, like here in virginia, where romney is tide or behind, i think he was significantly ahead. now i think he's very far ahead. ohio, which they had romney behind was a tossup. now i think he will be ahead. i have said from the beginning, greta, nobody else has said it. i have always thought this election would be a solid romney victory on the order of obama's defeat of mccain, a near land slide. >> greta: tomorrow morning in morning, the jobs report comes out, on the serious side, so
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many americans are without work. that's enormously distressing. there is a political part of that. if that number stays the same as the national average or gets worse, is that going to have any appreciable effect, do you think, on the campaign for the president? >> well, i think tell have the same deflatingesque as the jobs report after the democratic convention last time did. last month, it came out the day after obama's speech. i think it took some wind out of his sails. but i think there were very specific things things that romy accomplished that is important to focus on. number 1, obama agreed there was no difference between them on social security. and obama agreed that neither of their medicare plans would hurt existing elderly or anyone about to retire. they disagreed on the $716 million that obama caught current retiree, but the medi-scare and the social security scare tactic can't be used because obama stipulated
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that that won't be a problem. i think by failing to raise the 45%, the cayman islands and the tax return and the bain capital, obama was basically conceding that those are not legitimate shots. how can you spend $200 million advertising to push these facts and then when you confront the guy, you don't mention them? >> greta: you see -- i actually thought that that was smart because he looks like he is above this. that he is more presidential. and he leaves the dirty work to somebody else and doesn't have fingerprints on it, if they are done in campaign ads and certainly, pac ads, rather than his own campaign. >> that's the point, greta. it's the president says this is not worth dignifying and making it an issue, this is not worth the dignity of a presidential race, how are people going to vote based on it? it's dismissing the importance of your own campaign by not alluding to it. i think the final thing is that romney put obamacare back on the map in this election.
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this election was all about the economy. now it's about the economy and obamacare. and particularly the health care rationing board. i think that was very effective. i think those strategic adjustments are far more important than the good feeling that you have of romney after this debate. >> greta: when should we expect to see the new poll results that reflect the response to the debate? >> yes. they will. have you to remember, rasmussen, the poll thaig think is the most accurate, is a moving five-day sample. so if you will take a week before we have the full post debate polling. but there will be other polls. you will see a big shifting in the polls. joining it's retrievable by obama. i don't think you get a second chance to make a first impression. and i think that romney really scored. i thought when he explained to people that tax cut on the rich would not be on the rich, it was a tax increase on the rich, it was a tax increase on small
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business employers and they employ 50% of the american workforce. by raising their taxes, you are undermining their ability to create be jos. that was brilliant. i thought that really, he took away, all kinds of arguments from obama. while obama can wait until the performance wears off and people forget how stumbling and hesitant and detached he was, what will remain is the ground that he ceded to romney. >> greta: i thought it was significant that 67 million people watched this, the largest number since i think 1992. chfts a measurement to -- which was a measurement to me of the enthusiasm for the election. i don't know which way it will fall. but it showed interest by the country. >> i think the same reason that they watched it in '92. they near pain. because of the economy. getting ready to reject the incumbent president because of it. i think when the debate isn't watched by many people, it's a
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sign that things are okay and the incumbent can probably stay there. but i think that the -- that the voter turnout and the absentee balloting and the republican edge in registration change, all ogre for a significant republican win, both in the senate and in the white house. >> greta: dick, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: now the controversial 2007 video of obama, presidential candidate obama veers off from his prepared remarks and accuses the u.s. government of short-changing hurricane katrina victims in new orleans. >> what's happening down in new orleans? where's your dollar? where's your stafford act mony? makes no sense. tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. >> greta: and now, former
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vice-presidential candidate, sarah palin, posting her response on facebook to the video. many of you have seen theuent 07 speech in which then senator obama suggested that because of racism, the federal government didn't waive the stafford act to assist new orleans after katrina. 10 days before senator obama gave this speech, the federal government did in fact waive the stafford act for new orleans. and to add insult to injury, barack obama was one of 14 senators who voted against the bill that, included the provision to give supplemental emergency assistance to new orleans of he was being dishonest and divisive, which we have seen far too often from him in the last four years. former governor sarah palin is here. i am curious, i know he voted against the starveord act. but i am curious, that was part of a bill that had funding for iraq. that's why he was opposing the war in iraq. does that have any impact on your thoughts about this?
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>> yeah, it sure does. it makes me disrespect president obama, then candidate obama even more because he believed on principle that in order to defund our troops, the provision was in that legislation, included not releasing those katrina relief funds, it's a whole ball of wax. it's appalling, truly, in order to defund our troops, he took that stand to vote against it? then his speech, greta, it was in order to raise bait. he played chameleon again and engagedin deception, when he again said what he thought people wanted to hear because -- barack obama has no core convictions that match what america needs for exceptionalism. part of that is the opportunity for all for success. >> greta: let me turn to last night's debate. i assume you watched it.
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do you have a sort of a thought about it? >> oh, well romney, obviously, won. so i was very encouraged. very excited about the next debate, then. hopefully, governor romney will really be able to hammer home his -- his plan for sudden and relentless reform of the federal government to shrink it and make it as irrelevant as possible in our lives. governor romney, i look forward to him recognizing and articulating the fact that the governor doesn't have a revenue problem, there is a spenning problem and what he wants to do about that. he won last night and the momentum's on his side. >> greta: what do you think happened last night? a lot of people thought that -- and certainly, even president obama's strongest supporters, is that he -- he just was not on his game at all. was it that he wasn't prepared? or that he doesn't have the arguments? or that he wasn't interested in or a bad night? what's your thought? >> he can't defend his record. he can't defend the failed
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policies that have been implemented that have added so greatly to our debt, the deficit spending, the broken promises, unemployment numbers, the allies on the international stage who are now confused and more distrustful of america. all the problems that have been created in the last four years, his failed policies leading to those problems. he couldn't defend them. so he was lost in having a strong, core conviction about why he should be elected. he didn't have a trel prompter in front of him and he didn't have the filter of the liberal media, precking him and coddling him and ushering him through a debate, a venue that he is so used to, so the reality that really hit home for all of those millions of viewers.
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>> greta: i can't imagine -- even the people who were most critical of him, who are his most passionate supporters, i can't imagine, even though they thought he did a lousy job at the debate, that's my word, not theirs, but they have harsh words for him. they are still going to vote for it -- for him. how do you measure whether or not it had an impact on the indecideds and whether or not it appealed to those on the margin fthey were peeled off. how do you measure that? >> that's a great question. you know, that's what we will find out in the next 30-some days. more american voters, finally open their eyes, those independents, those who have wanted to give barack obama the benefit of the doubt because they, too, have been deceived, i believe, by a compliceit media, allowing barack obama to be not held accountable for his failed policies and lack of plan, lack of budget.
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we will see in the next 30-some days if more and more americans are waking up to reality and realizing that we do have a choice. we have a good choice in candidates, in which direction america will go. >> greta: all right. you are the only one i know twho debated in a vice-presidential debate. vice-president joe biden. do you have any sort of suggestions or hadn'ts or thoughts for congressman paul ryan? >> paul ryan, he took the gloves off and really hammer home some details about joe biden's record, 30-some years of opposing america's energy independence opportunities that we had. joe biden 30-some years ago, voted against the trans-alaska pipeline and henceforth has never supported steps to allow america to be energy independent. if paul ryan can detail what it is that he and governor romney
7:16 pm
propose to do to allow our private sector to go and thrive and create jobs, including energy independence, the audience will appreciate that. after the debate, paul ryan just needs to watch his back. that's my advice. you know, if things don't go his way, people will be looking for a scapegoat. i hope that people have learned over the last four years that, that doesn't do anybody any good, to throw candidates under the bus, when they did their best, they stood on their record, their principles and their convictions and when the inside baseball crap starts getting played out, that is horrible for the political system. >> greta: governor, thank you. >> greta: tomorrow night, governor palin's father and brother will join us, they just released a new book, called, "our sarah: made in alaska," inside the real life of sarah
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palin. that's tomorrow night, right here on the record. straight ahead, obamacare goes under the knife in an electrifying rally speech. an illinois doctor and candidate shreds the president's health care law to bits. you will see the wild video that has gone viral. the doctor is here, next. and senator john mccain, tweeting about the debate. if that debate was a fight, they would have stopped t. senator mccain has much more to say about the debate. he is here. plus, how you can get free airline tickets? all have you to do is cast your vote for president. are you interested? we'll tell you how. don't go away. are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? [ male announcer ] it's the age-old question of travel. the same one we ask ourselves every day. is it the safest, the most efficient? have we created the kind of vehicle to move not just people... but an industry fward? are we there yet?
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don't stop! keep playing! here we go. here's the fun part! >> greta: fasten your seat belts. have you never heard a blistering critique of obamacare like this. who is it coming from? dr. barbara bellar, a former nun, army major, lawyer, college professor, doctor. and you can add illinois state senate candidate. he offers a brutal special blunt diagnosis of the president's health care law. >> let me get this straight. this is a long thirchg thing. you are going to be gifted with a health care plan we are forced to purchase and fined if we don't, which covers 10 million
7:22 pm
more people without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new irs agents, doesn't understand it, passed by a congress who didn't read it, but accepted it and signed by a president who smokes -- [laughter] >> with funding administered by a treasury team who didn't pay taxes, for which we will be taxed for four years, before any benefits take effect by the government, which has already bankrupted social security and medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese... [laughter] and financed by a country that is broke. [laughter] [cheers and applause]
7:23 pm
so what the blank? could possibly go wrong? >> greta: dr. bellar joins us. good evening. doctor. >> hello, gret a. how are you? >> greta: good. i guess it's safe to assume you don't like obamacare, right? >> i do not think it is a wise idea at all. it's a government takeover of our health care. >> greta: besides the issue of the government health care takeover, which is for many people, you know, it's a political issue. i am curious, the list of things that you have outlined tdoesn't seem particularly wise. what stands out most to me is where you say it covers 10 million more people without adding a single new doctor. that was probably one of the things you pointed out that i thought was the most devastating. >> correct. >> greta: what are you going to do about it? >> what am i going to do about it? given the opportunity you know,
7:24 pm
i am running for senate in illinois, given the opportunity, when it comes dun to the state level, it should be repealed and defunded and real reform instituted. i think i want to add that governor romney, one of his strongest statements in his campaign has been that he will do what the supreme court didn't do on the last day in session. he will do on his first day in office. and that is to repeal it. >> greta: what's been the reaction? i know it has gone viral on the internet. obviously, we are interested in the tape. i heard the audience. but i am curious, what are people saying to you about your description of obamacare? what are they saying whether they hear! >> i tell you, i meant it as a light introduction to a very serious 11-minute manuscript because obamacare, that's the tip of the iceberg it rents the erosion of our civil and
7:25 pm
religious liberties for me. i didn't know at the time when i did the presentation that i was being recorded and then it was put out there t. has taken on a life of its own because i think it resonates with people, like all of a sudden, my goodness, we have really been scammed here. what is coming forth. what will we have to deal with it? why is such a thing mandated? we are giving our moral compass over to 15 appointed members of the ipab. i think people are really identifying with it. >> greta: it's sort of interesting. you running for illinois state senate, where president obama's career began. how are you doing approximate your race? >> well, we are peculiaring up momentum. the support from voters is incredible and volunteers. though we constantly need more funds because it's an expensive venture. i am dealing with the 19th ward of chicago, which i think you know is a political chicago machine that we have to
7:26 pm
disassemble. >> greta: you have had quite a resume. have i hit all your careers? you look like the index to a university course -- have you taken everything? >> well, i appreciate that. i do have a masters in bioethics in health policy and i am finishing a masters in public health. but i feel with my background and law, medicine and ethics, and having served in the military that i am able to represent the issues and concerns of the constituents extremely well. i am really ready to serve. >> greta: i have watched that video a number of times. i posted it on gretawire. doctor, thank you very much for joining us. up next, senator john mccain is praising governor romney's debate performance. but he has a warning for him. he is here to tell you. before copd...
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>> caller: everybody is talking about it, the showdown in denver. but one man has a perspective that no one else has. senator john mccain, who has debated both president obama and governor romney. what does he have to say? last night tweeting, if that debate was a fight, they would have stopped. it but today, he warns, do not underestimate president obama. senator john mccain is here. good evening, sir. good evening. >> greta: there was an interesting debate last night. let me get the overall view. i know that you said earlier it was poor. but if you could elaborate on that? >> greta, i think that it obviously was a very big win for for -- for mitt. i think it's pretty obvious that -- that president obama has spent the last four years in a bubble with an adoring media. but i also know that barack obama is a very excellent debater. he knows -- he will be going over the mistakes that he made
7:31 pm
and i think that he hrs is going to be much better and much better prepared in the next debate. this was really important. i saw where i think 67 million people watched. and one of the most important things about this, gret awas that they have spent -- the obama campaign has spent hundreds of millions of dollars portraying mitt romney as a bain capital capitalist, driving the unfavorables up, especially in the swing states and mitt romney, last night, came across as a person of capability, of vision and who knows what is best for america. i think that was really the most important part of that whole debate. >> greta: what do you think happened to president obama? historically, he has given speeches that have been dazzling. he has been very successful on the campaign trail. i don't need to tell but that. what happened last night? >> i think he spent four years in a bubble with an adoring media.
7:32 pm
meanwhile, mitt romney's been going through this very tough grind, wing the nomination, as you know. but i also think that the president... maybe he's a little too sure of himself and probably may not have taken mitt seriously enough. i guarantee you, the next time around, he will be taking him seriously. >> greta: you know, in watching him, you know, it certainly didn't look like the president was having any fun. he certainly seemed that he was just watching -- i am watching from the outside, i don't know when he was really thinking, but he seemed that this was a painful experience? >> well, i think it was. the president had a great advantage over 2008. that is that in 2008, he had no record, it was all about hope and change. now he had a record that is very difficult, if not impossible to defend. that's why mitt kept him on the defensive all the time, facts
7:33 pm
are stubborn things. he could not defend the record that he has, whether it be the effects of the stimulus package. i thought dad dodd frank was explained by mitt better than anybody i have ever seen before. of course, the view that president obama seems to think that government is more efficient and does things better than the private sector, which is all about this choice that people can make if they want to choose an alternative to traditional medicare. finally, you know, you notice that a president obama did not respond to the $761 billion taken out of medicare. he couldn't. because we tried to put it back in when we were debating obamacare, in fact, it was my amendment to put it back in and it went down on a party-line vote. >> greta: you know, while we sort of watch this -- obviously, politics vis very serious and there is a drama and intrigue to
7:34 pm
it. one of the things that was not discussed last night and which is really serious in and is ongoing is the sequestration. i realize there is only 90 minutes and nobody brought it up. but i was surprised something so potent, you know, and so important to the american people and it's just right around the corner, that that wasn't discussed? >> i would have liked for jim lehrer to talk about it because we are facing what our secretary of defense, president obama's secretary of defense has described as a devastating impact it our national defense if this sequestration goes through. for the benefit of our viewers, it was a biproduct of the select committee that didn't succeed. and so this draconian cuts in both defense and nondefense is supposed to take place on the first of january. it would devastate our defense. we need the president to come and sit down with us. we have said, mr. president, come and lead. you are the commandener chief. that's your most important
7:35 pm
responsibility. please, sit down with us. we can avoid this sequestration, which could devastate the defense of our nation. we really have asked him to do that. and his response has been that he would do that if we agree to raise taxes to start with. that's not the way bill clinton negotiated. that's not the way -- that ronald reagan negotiated. that's know the way i have ever negotiated. >> greta: you imagine president clinton, his name came up twice with president obama, using him as an example. should he -- is that a fair comparison, comparing himself with president clinton? >> well, as you know, president clinton has a very good approval rating. but to compare what he has done in our failure in this fiscal cliff and sequestration wees are facing to what president clinton did, after he lost in the off-year lec elections, he sat
7:36 pm
down with bob dole and newt gingrich and they reform welfare and put themselves on a path to a balanced budget. the same way that ronald reagan did with tip o'neill. they sat down and they negotiated. this president doesn't do that. and that's, in my view, something that has caused huge frustration amongst the american people. why last night he said, well... the reason why we don't go across the aisle is because have you to say no sometimes? is that the basis of it? i don't think so. >> greta: you know i thought as a counterpart to that is that the most effective moment for governor romney eye thought so -- is when he pointed out he was a republican governor with a very democratic state and that oftentimes, he had to reach across. you know, i live and breathe in this town where there is so much condisplikt log jam that that caught my attention. >> mine, too and stark contrast to what the president had to say. that's what was really
7:37 pm
interesting. there is no doubt... with 87% of his legislature being democrat, there is no doubt that mitt had to sit down with them and he did and succeeded. they got things done. >> greta: any advice for congressman paul ryan? you tweeted today, you retweeted a cbs news, biden praises obama's debate performance. ure added, will joe giff a repeat of that wonderful performance, chicould sense the sarcasm? any advice for congressman paul ryan going into the vice-presidential debate next week? >> well, maybe we ought to start out by the latest gaffe of the gift that keeps on giving, who is a heartbeat away from the presidency, that the american people have been buried -- middle class of america has been buried the last four years. i agree, joe.>> that's where we. seriously, gret ai think that
7:38 pm
paul ryan may not be the most colorful individual, but any number of congress, he knows the issues, he knows them backwards and forwards. i believe it's very likely that on knowledge alone and presentation, which paul has made many times, that he doll well. my job is to lower expectations, he will never be as good as joe biden. but i am going to take a little different approach. i think that paul ryan is going to do very well. i would not astonish me if... the vice-president says something that doesn't make much sense because he almost always does. >> greta: he's colorful, at the very least. senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you for having me on. >> greta: coming up other another controversial video from president obama. was he fueling class warfare in 2002, or a slip of the tongue or something else? you will see and hear that video and you can decide. our panel is here to talk about it. in 90 seconds, a whole new
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now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture. free online bill payments. a highly acclaimed credit card with 2% cash back into your fidelity account. open a fidelity cash management account today and discover another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. >> greta: a new and controversial video of president obama. but first, we go to the newsroom with marianne rafferty with the headlines. >> hi, gret a. health officials are saying, it is possible that thousands of patients receiving steroid injections for back pain could be infected with a deadly form of meningitis. the fda is warning doctors to stay away from a steroid, linked to a fungal meningitis outbreak. five people have died so far from the infection. a lawyer for george zimmerman saying his client's considering a defamation case against nbc. the former neighborhood watch captain on trial for the murder of trayvon martin. a taped 911 call was altered by
7:44 pm
nbc for a report to emphasize the suspect being a black male, explaining that hadt made him look racist. zimmerman has pled not guilty to murder charges. >> greta: another eyebrow-raising video from president obala from 2002, speaking on martin luther king jr. day, he seems to target the rich, explain judging he believes they are all for nonviolence.
7:45 pm
>> greta: this comes to light on the heels of the 2007 video about the government's slow response to hurricane katrina. joining me is byron york. and steve hayez. steve, you are first? >> look, i mean, it's an interesting video. but i don't think it tells us much that many people didn't already think about president obama. he has become much more sophisticated in these arguments. but i think at the end of the day, he is making a similar argument today, high is, effect in effect, pretty open about the class warfare argument. it is not as explicit, but the philosophy is the same. this doesn't surprise me to see this. >> the national attitudes are set on president obottom a. people have seen him come into their living room, ever day for four years. they have a sense of who he is as a person. so as these videos come out, it is going to be hard for them to really shake things up with the independent and swing voters,
7:46 pm
which are who matters in november. >> it is not only rich and poor, it is black and white as well. he makes specific racial arguems. in ept -- 2002, the time of enron, everybody's talking about enron. he talks about enron, using tax accountants and tax loopholes to make money and -- and... and mistreat employees. he said, it's not the equivalent of dogs and fire hoses, but i am not saying what enron executives did is the moral equivalent, but the folks at enron feel violated. he's making a racial interpretation of what was going on at the time. >> just to put it in context, it is speech was given at the university of chicago, on martin luther king day. i went to the university of chicago. as an undergrad. they have this event every martin luther king day, it's a frank discussion about race and politics.
7:47 pm
so to me, it wasn't surprising to see president obama -- or then senator obama speak frankly about race. >> greta: how does the obama team feel today? you were on a conference call today? >> i was on the obama campaign conference call after the debate last night. look, it seemed to me that it took them 12 hours to figure out what the spin was going to be. it was a clear, decisive loss. everyone watching the debate thought that president obama lost last night. the obama campaign settled on what i think its talking poigns were this morning. their basic message was, yes, mitt romney did very well. yes, his tone was right. yes, his style was right. but he lied the whole way through the debate. i problem i think for the obama campaign is that they didn't spend a lot of time going through what the substantive problems were with the arguments that mitt romney was making. if you want to accuse somebody of lying in the context of a presidential campaign, you have to lay it out pretty clearly. >> greta: byron. >> they have not been able to come up with an explanation for
7:48 pm
why the president didn't use the ammunition he had, if he wanted to. he never mentioned the 47% or bain capital. never mentioned any war on women. all of the things that the democratic faithful wanted to hear, he didn't say eye have a theoro that, as a lawyer, you don't want -- you don't want him to look dirty and get in the gutter and start to push those buttons. he has all of those ads out there, everybody's going to be hearing that, he has the super pacs, why get his hans dirty? >> they could say that. but i asked david plouffe that. i asked, how come you didn't use it? sometimes things come up and sometimes they don't. they had no explanation. clearly obama made a choice not to use these things that his campaign has been using every day. >> look at today, david axelrod on the phone call said, in effect, we want to talk about the things that the voters really care about, he talked about substance. it's harder for the president to
7:49 pm
bring this up in the next debate ora campaign to focus on the 47% or the bain capital, or the things that david axelrod has said by implication, voters really don't care. >> greta: we will take a break. democrats insist it is not president obama's fault. who gets the blame for the debate flop? n. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res?
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>> from the fail tower prepare to the altitude, democrats giving all kines of excuses for president obam a. but the most common -- blame the moderator. i should say, i support the moderator. but we will get to that. >> i think it's a job of the candidate to test the moderators a little bit. they are supposed to go up to the line and maybe stick their toe over it, to see what they can get away with. mitt romney did that. he asked questions of president obama, though that was against the rules. he spoke over his time and he came across as assertive and in command. president obama wilted whenever -- >> greta: but they plameed jim lehrer. >> jim lehrer did exactly what he said it was -- he wassing did to do. he is know a new person. we know how he moderates debates. the commission is made of republicans and democrats, they picked jim lehrer, he asked
7:54 pm
non-confrontational, non-gotcha questions. believe me, if the president had snappy responses and brought up bain capital and 47% and the things that made the democrats happy, they would not be complaining about jim lehrer today. >> they want to have a scapegoat. they want to blame something for president obama's debate performance. jim lehrer happens to be it. i think he did almost as good a job as i think one could do. the job of the moderator is to make sure that the candidates engage one another and engage with substance. when that's happening, you need to melt into the background -- i >> greta: stay invisible. >> that's exactly what he dirks as long as the issues are being discussed, you are invisible and you try to give equal time. president obama got 4 more minutes of talk time than governor romney. but vice-president gore said that he thought that the president didn't do well because he came to denver late and the altitude was 5,000 feet
7:55 pm
[overlapping dialogue] >> i flew in that day and managed to write a story. i don't know if it made any sense. >> way to persevere. >> justin? >> going back tolerer. one other problem with the democrats' argument, at the end of the debate, obama went up to lehrer and said on camera, he did a great job. >> greta: he's being social. he couldn't say he did a lousy job. >> but if he was electricitily upset, you would undermine that. >> greta: i love that everybody loves the idea of jim lehrer. ever after the debate, some people didn't like him. gentlemen, thank you. >> thank you. if you know anyone with a batbad attitude. >> greta: stay right where you are. [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash the studio lights it's time for last call. is the saying true? do nice guys really finish first? >> this is interesting. a study found nice people are more likely to live longer than people with bad attitudes. or as people with bad attitudes put it, whatever. >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. we'll see you again tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern. go to greta and the video has gone viral a door


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